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Stian Carstensen-multiinstrumentalist og composer born 05.01.71


Education & private studies


Jazzdepartment  Trøndelag musikkonservatorium 91-93.

Studies of polyphony and traditional music in Bulgaria 97-2002.

Studies of banjo in Kentucky 2006.

Studies of pedal steel guitar in Texas 2011.


Sholarships, prizes and fees:


Cultural dep. fee for studiyng bulgarian music and composition 97-2002

Rolf Gammleng prize for studio musician of the year 2005.

Telenors cultural prize for boundrieless communication 2014.

Eidsvoll community cultural prize 2015.

Guldbaggan 2020  co-composer, musician on the movie "Only the devil lives without hope"

Grammy 2008 for the album "Surfin USSR" and in  2012 for the album  "Slav To The Rhythm" with the band Farmers Market.



Selected works:


5 records with the band Farmers Market

4 records with british saxophone player Iain Ballamy

3 records with Arild Andersen/Frode Alnæs

4 records with the band Music for a While.(the 4th one is recorded, but is yet to be released)

1 record with the band Gammalgrass(with Ola Kvernberg)

1 solorecord Stian Carstensen "Backwards into the Backwoods

1 record with  Spyttmyra tjuvjakt & spellemannslag (the only record released on the special local dialect that Stian speaks, all tracks written by Stian)


Has worked with people like Mike Patton, Michael Brecker, Jacob Collier, Jerry Douglas, Øystein Sunde, Kaizers orchestra and has been soloist with all the norwegian symphony orchestras and Metropole orch. in Holland.

Har ellers deltatt på over 100 plateinnspillinger som musiker og produsent.


Music composed for theater/others:


The good human being from Scezhuan(Centralteatret 2002)

Stolt, hvit og vanskelig(Otto Jespersen 2004)


Some projects:


Tours i Europa, Asia, south-America and USA with his own projects/bands.





Wrote music for Vossajazz 1999 with Farmers Market.

Wrote music for Dølajazz 2001 with Django Bates and Ernst Reijseger.

Wrote a new nathional hymn for Norway on request from NRK, nathional broadcasting.

 Recorded with norwegian radio orchestra and choir in 2008.

"Flipp"  for Vossajazz´40-års jubillee in 2013.

"Nordlendingen som ikke rakk fram til Eidsvoll"  Kalottspelfestival 2014.

Wrote jubilee-song for orchestra and himself as a soloist for the norwegian King and Queen's 

regent jubileum in 2016.




Concerts in London with Jacob Collier 2017.

Tour in Europe with  Mathias Eick 2019.

Soloist Edvard  Munchproject with Lars Lillo Stenberg at Munchs home, Hvitsten 2020.

Concerts with Kristiansand symphony orch. january 2021.

Recorded solo album for orchestra and band to be released 2021.

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